Psychotherapy treats stress, sicknesses or symptoms, which are the cause or the expression of mental imbalance or suffering. Psychotherapy is supportive in dealing with life crises and can help change disruptive behaviors and non-favorable attitudes.


I offer psychotherapy in:


    • German
    • English
    • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
    • Russian

I work with young adults, adults and elderly people inter alia, on the following priorities:


    • Chronic Illnesses and physical disabilities (This includes caregivers who suffer from acute stress and burn out due to caregiving)
    • Psychological distress or mental illnesses (such as anxiety, depression, burn out, somatoform disorders, pressure at work and job change, divorce and break-up)
    • Interculturality, multicultural relationships, expats, migration and difficulties with acculturation
    • Traumatization and stress disorders (including persons affected from crisis and war regions)
    • Death, loss and mourning

You can contact me by phone, by email lamija[at] or via (the Form) on the website.